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Chazz’s vinyl give away! 
I had all these albums given to me, I have copies of them already so I thought I’d do a give away :D
There is:
Led Zeppelin II
2x Led Zeppelin III 
Song Remains The Same
Physical Graffiti (In the cool slide case thing) 
In Through The Out Door (Without the brown bag :/) 
Wish You Were Here 
The Wall 
Dark Side Of The Moon
Da rules -
Don’t have to follow me
You can only pick one (sorry, postage is expensive) 
Likes and reblogs count 

Side note - I believe these are originals, but they haven’t been played by me (or in a long time) but the ones I kept literally just needed a clean and they played fine because they were well kept, but sorry if they don’t play well D:

I’ll pick 12 people at random and message them asking which they want 
Good luck (◕‿-)
Ends March 1st

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Vintage Fair by Jeann Ardhita

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Bunch of pushers! (by Je ne suis pas Français)

hamleys (by pearled)
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